The Chaos Theory Behind Ohio’s Redistricting Fiasco

Republican lawmakers purposefully submitted gerrymandered election maps four different times in order to run out the clock on fair elections in 2022. Now we’ll have to pay up to $25 million to hold two primaries.

Laura Trujillo Is Stepping Up to Help

The Cincinnati journalist opens up about her mother’s suicide and hopes others will start addressing mental health.

Heid E. Erdrich Uses Words As Catalysts for Change

The University of Cincinnati's 2022 Elliston Poet-in-Residence hosts three virtual events this week.

Milford’s Mystery Library Is a Delightful Hidden Gem

Book lovers, history buffs, and curious kids can all find something worth exploring at this specialized library.

Julie Whitney’s Requiem for a Grounded Airplane

Her new children’s book takes readers inside Astra, a corporate jet shut down by the pandemic, and teaches about keeping hope while adapting to changes.

Leili Malakooti Releases Keto-Themed Cookbook

The local Instagram influencer helps followers get into recipes for low carb, high fat meals.

Nicholas Korn Is Up to 400 Poems and Counting

The Northern Kentucky writer publishes the fourth volume of his Wild Sonnets project, marrying tradition and trend in seven-line stanzas.

Hosting’s Made Easy with HomeMakers Bar’s Guide to Entertaining

This Over-the-Rhine bar offers you tricks of the entertaining trade.

How Thom Atkinson Became the Best Author You’ve Never Read

Atkinson has been serving up scenes and characters from his short stories and plays for decades in insightful, unforgettable ways.

Apply to Be Cincinnati’s Next Poet Laureate

The Mercantile Library takes over program management for the city of Cincinnati and opens the application process through November 29.

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